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Discover the Essence of Seed Cosmetics: Nurturing Natural Beauty Through Herbal Wisdom and Sustainable Practices. Learn More About Our Story, Commitment, and Passion for Transformative Herbal Skincare.

Each product reflects our commitment to purity, efficacy, and the transformative power of botanicals. Join us in embracing a skincare experience that harmonizes with the essence of nature.

What is Seed Cosmetics ?

We are Delhi based company and dealing with Herbal Beauty Products since 2018. Now we have come up with Brand “SEED COSMETICS” with the trust of our ancient herbs which mentioned in our Ayurvedic scriptures.

Our commitment to serve herbal beauty products which are Natural and Herbal without any artificial additives or harmful chemicals and it must be cruelty free.

We tried to cover all aspects of beauty products hence in our product portfolio there are variety of Products such as Hair Care products (Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Serum, Hair Oils etc.), Skin Care Products (Face Scrub, Face Wash, Face Serum etc.) bathing and Body Care Products (Body Wash, Bathing Soap Bar etc.) and Hair Oil. Many more to come in our product portfolio.

Experience beauty redefined with our herbal cosmetics—where science meets nature for radiant, confident skincare.

Meet the founder

Sachendra Choudhary

Sachendra Choudhary, with his profound passion for herbal remedies and years of experience in the beauty industry, embarked on a journey to create a brand that not only enhances your natural beauty but also respects the environment. With unwavering dedication and a vision to provide high-quality, herbal personal care products, he has taken Seed Cosmetics to new heights.

His commitment to delivering excellence has earned him a presence on some of the biggest and most trusted e-commerce platforms, a testament to the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

We use only natural ingredients for our products, which are good for you and the environment too.
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