Papaya Face Wash (SLS & Paraben Free) 210ml


  • Seed Cosmetics papaya SLS & Paraben free face wash comes with all skin benefits which possessed in natural papaya. It does provides gentle exfoliation, helps to build healthy skin by removing dead skin cells that can clog pores which lightens skin tone and make it glowing skin naturally.
  • Helps in Pigmentation and Dark Spots: Fruit Papaya help in getting rid of blemishes and pigmentation due to it’s skin lightening properties. Papaya has, enzyme papain, which gently exfoliates skin and fights age spots, sun spots and dark spots and tightens skin making it firms and younger.
  • Suitable for all Skin Types: This Seed Cosmetics papaya Face wash is cruelty free and has no harsh chemical SLS free & Paraben Free, so it is perfectly safe for all skin types.

How to Use: Apply it on damp skin and massage it gently then rinse it with water

Removes the Dead Skin Cells to make the Skin Radiant & Youthful Glow.

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Rejuvenate your skin with Seed Cosmetics Papaya Face Wash! Our natural blend of papaya and aloe vera is packed with essential vitamins to help nourish and balance your skin. The added shea butter helps protect against environmental damage, while the natural exfoliants remove dirt and oils for a deep cleanse. It’s a great choice for everyday use! Seed Cosmetics Herbal Papaya Face Wash gently cleanses your skin, removing dirt and grime. It also helps in tan removal and gives your skin a softness, glow and freshness. Our Herbal Papaya Face Wash helps to reduce dark spots, remove tan lines and signs of aging. This SLS-free and paraben-free face wash leaves your complexion feeling soft, refreshed and revitalized. So give yourself a refreshing boost every morning with Seed Cosmetics Papaya Face Wash!


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Papaya Face Wash (SLS & Paraben Free) 210ml